SL 20

Compact, powerful and inexpensive

Developed for small workshops the laser-system SL 20 is characterized by a tremendous compact design.

The device is designed for very small rooms with already pre-assembled furniture. The installation process is easy and quick. With the SL 20 all laser welding tasks of a small workshop can easily be done.

With 5 litres of water cooling the SL 20 is prepared for continuous operation. An efficient welding fumes extraction with fine dust particle filter is integrated as well. The high – quality stereo microscope Leica magnifies 15 times for optimal observation of the welding process.

Despite its compact design, the SL20 can achieve remarkable performance data.

Technical data

Max impulse performance 7 KW
Max average performance 60 W
Pulse energy 60 Joule
Pulse frequency single - 25 hz
Pulse duration 0,5 - 20 ms
Spot diameter 0,2 - 2,0 mm
Mechanical dimensions 510 x 645 x 430mm

Download Datasheet as PDF