SL 100

Sensational Laser Performance

The new SL 100 in slim design and new housing is one of the fastest laser hand-workplaces on the market.

The maximum averaged power rating of 100 Watt and a pulse repetition frequency of 25 shots per second make this unit particularly suitablefor mass production. For welding seams, machining times are reduced to a minimum. Here the high beam quality makes for an optimum work result. The optional mode aperture enables the beam diameter to be reduced to a mere 0.05mm. This is of especially great benefit for very delicate workpieces. A large dimensioned work chamber decisively simplifies handling larger workpieces. Simple operation with joysticks enables even untrained users to learn dealing with this laser system very quickly. An ergonomic sitting position makes for a relaxed work posture and rounds off the profile. The new SL 100 is thus an allrounder that proves convincing by its stupendous performance in repair and production operations.

Technical data

Max impulse performance 10 KW
Max average performance 120 W
Pulse energy 0,15 - 95 Joule
Pulse frequency single - 50 hz
Pulse duration 0,5 - 20 ms
Spot diameter
0,2 - 2,0 mm, stufenlos
Program memory 39
Mechanical dimensions 1260 x 570 x 800 mm

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