AC 300F

Laser-cutting in perfection






A new dimension in laser-cutting technology! The new AC 300F
from Siro Lasertec is a flexible, state-of-the-art laser cutting
system which can process both simple, basic geometrical shapes
from sheet metal and complex, sophisticated ornamental objects
from precious metal automatically, precisely and in no time at all.
The AC 300F can handle material of a thickness of up to 3 mm.

As CAD-generated cutting paths can be immediately converted and
cut, the AC 300F is also ideal for the production of prototypes or
of small volumes.

Although the AC 300F requires a fl oor space of only 1340 x 1180
mm the laser boasts a generous working area of 500 x 500 mm.

The fully automated cutting process in the closed, laser-safe working
chamber can be monitored through the large safety window.
The AC 300F is operated by means of a touchscreen display. No
programming skills, such as CAD/CAM know-how, or an external
PC are required to operate the AC 300 F. The cutting data can be
transferred via a USB flash drive.

The laser system also has a nesting function which ensures
optimum material usage of the sheets that are to be cut. Precious
metal residue is collected in a drawer and can be used again.
The AC 300F is optionally available with fi ber laser sources with a
laser power of 300 or 450 W.

System components

• Fiber laser.
• Cutting head.
• Closed, laser-safe working chamber (class 1 laser)
with pneumatic collet chucks to lock sheet into position,
lighting and intake duct.
• Drawer below working chamber to collect precious metal residue.
• Touchscreen.
• Camera integrated in cutting nozzle for process monitoring and


• CAD/CAM module (PC based).
• Smoke extraction system.

Please feel free to contact us - we will be glad to provide assistance
in putting together a laser system that is tailored to your needs.

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